Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Change is in the air....

Hello all,

My make up bag is looking a little bare at the moment. I am almost out of my favourite Ruby and Millie blusher (that they don't sell separately - it came in a gorgeous one-off gift set) and I am also nearly out of foundation.

I have been using the No 7 mousse foundation for a while but I have started to feel that it makes my skin look a bit dry and dull. I think with the weather changing I need something more moisturising for a dewy, fresh faced look.

I think a trip to a department store is in order.

I find them really hit and miss though. Sometimes they are falling over themselves to help you and relieve you of your hard earned cash other times they pretend you can't see you and make you feel as though you are inconveniencing them by being near their counter.

I am going to go on the mission this evening and will let you know what is in my haul tomorrow.

Wish me luck.....

Monday, 22 March 2010

Feeling Blue.....

I decided to go for something a bit different to last weeks nude nails.

As I have been feeling spring like and wearing my nautical striped tees I thought I would go for navy blue nails to match.

The problem I had was finding a blue that was dark enough without being too black, but not so blue that I looked like a teenager from the '80s.

This is the result:

In case you are wondering the shade is "Up All Night" but O.P.I (to get it to look this dark the nail technician used about 4 coats of polish which involved a lot of sitting around and waiting for coats to dry)

I am pleased with the result, for now anyway until I decide I want my nails to match what I'm wearing next week.

Amie x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring is finally here....

I love spring, mainly because I am a huge fan of Easter egg chocolate (it just tastes so much better than any other kind) but I digress...

You can always tell when Spring is here by the following things:

1. There are gorgeous daffodils everywhere.

2. The tube starts to feel a little bit stuffy

3. I swap my blushers for bronzer.

Yes, when the sun comes out I change my beauty habits.

Since I ditched my sunbed habit a couple of years ago for a much paler and more natural look I reserve the bronzer for the spring and summer months only when our faces naturally become a little darker anyway.

I swear by my Dior bronzer and their bronze higlighter for a subtle sunkissed look that is just enough that you don't look orange but dark enough that you don't look washed out.

They are quite pricey at £28 and £31 respectively but I have never used products that I love the colour of so much before.

Are their any products you can't live without this spring?

Amie x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Perfect Pout

Two things have inspired this post:

1. Cameron Diaz's amazing red pout at this years Oscars

2. Every magazine I have picked up is raving about lipstick being the new lip gloss.

So I thought I would give it a go and here is my guide to a glossy red lip........

The tools:


Neutral Lip Liner:

Lipstick Liner:


More Lipstick:


The finished product:

And here is the detailed guide to achieving this look:
1. Brush over lips with a dry toothbrush to get rid of any flaky skin and apply a light layer of lip balm. I personally love Crabtree and Evelyn Aloe Vera Soothing Lip Balm.
2. Dab a little concealer onto your lips and blend. This provides the perfect blank canvas to work on.
3. Use a lip liner to line the outside of your lips. Some people say you should use a colour that is as close to the lipstick you will be using as you can find but I like to use a neutral shade as the liner is only there to stop the lipstick bleeding and there is nothing worse than mismatched liner and lipstick.

Top tip - Always have a cotton bud on hand to erase any mistakes easily without having to start all over again.
4. Using a very fine lip brush, go over the lip liner with the lipstick. This way there will be no tell tale line.

5. Slowly build the colour. I always use a lip brush as I think this allows you to be more accurate and precise about where you are applying colour. Start with a thin layer of colour, blot and apply further layers.

6. Once you are happy with the lipstick the choice is yours. If you prefer your lips matte leave them as they are. If you prefer a glossier pout use a clear lip gloss to add real impact.

And voila you are ready to start pouting. I wish I was brave enough to wear this look during the day but I think for me it has to be a night time look teamed with a fairly neutral face and lashings of black mascara.
In case you are wondering the lipstick I am using is Rimmel Moisture Renew in "Diva Red"

What do you think, do you have any lipstick tips you just have to share?

Amie x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

8 Hour Miracle....

Hello all, sorry it has been so long since my last post I have been having internet issues!

I know I am behind the times with this post but I have recently discovered the joys of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I know, I know everyone and their dog knows that this is a wonder product but it has always been a little rich for my purse (£26 for 100ml)

Until now!

Yes beauty fans I have finally invested in a little tube of wonder and I am amazed by just how multi talented this is.

My hands have been ravaged by the effects of winter and they now feel soft and smooth.

I am prone to the odd breakout and find that once I have dried out the area to get rid of the spot a drop of this evens out my face and means I don't have dry patches.

Without a doubt this is the best lip balm I have ever had my lips are so soft and I cant resist topping it up whenever I can.

To conclude, I love Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream and I will be investing as often as I need to (though perhaps I should stop using quite so much on my lips)

Are there are products you just can't live without?

Amie x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Time for a Spring Clean

March is the perfect time to start spring cleaning your home, your wardrobe and most importantly your make up bag. So, out with the old and in with the new.


  • Berry shades
  • Thick matte foundation
  • Heavy eye make up and false eyelashes
  • Dewy skin
  • Peach blusher
  • Easter egg pastel eye shadows
  • Sugary pink lipsticks
  • Citrus bright glossy lips

I love this Givenchy Crystal lip gloss in shade #405 "Pop Orange" priced at £22.50. It glides on beautifully for a really thick glossy look.

Try with fresh dewy skin and a slick of black mascara for a pretty day time look. Or for a more statement evening look try with matte skin and a contrasting pink blusher and black lined eyes.

I think blondes and red heads should be careful with this look, however, you never know unless you try!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In the nude....

No, not me my nails!

Like everyone this spring, I am loving the colour palette of peaches and cream. As well as changing my wardrobe to reflect this, I am also changing my make up bag.

My major extravagance is getting my nails done, I tend to get them done every 2 weeks. For as many years as I can remember I have had nail extensions because I cant stand the shape and look of my natural nails. But I am trying to embrace the short square look of my natural nails (with a gel overlay to keep them looking pretty of course).

When it comes to choosing a colour I tend to gravitate towards the same shades, black, red, shocking pink, navy blue if I'm feeling daring. Yesterday however, I decided I wanted my nails to match my new spring wardrobe so.....I've gone nude!

It doesn't show up that well in the photograph (and please excuse my messy desk) but this is actually a very very pale peach. The varnish is by O.P.I but I cannot remember what it is called. It went on beautifully and was so thick it only needed 2 coats for this thick, luxurious, opaque look.

I'm really pleased with my foray into nude nail polish and think I will definitely rock this look into the spring and summer.

What do you think? Will you be changing your make up to match your spring wardrobe?
Amie x