Monday, 8 March 2010

Red Carpet Beauty

I know everybody will be talking about the dresses at this years Oscars but I'd like to focus on my winners and losers in the beauty stakes:


Cameron Diaz - I adored Cameron's radiant skin and minimal eye make up with a statement red lip. The relaxed waved hair and the pop of colour from her lips screamed glamour and complimented her sequined gown beautifully.
To recreate this look at home, keep the rest of your make up to a minimum and make sure you take time to build the perfect red lip; lining, filling andf blotting until you achieve perfection.

Demi Moore - For me Demi achieved the perfect level of tan, radiant without being radioactive. Her beautiful olive complexion looked fabulous against her dark tousled hair. What I thought brought this look together was her subtely bronzed cheeks which perfectly matched her ruffled dress.
To create a subtle tan at home, I would suggest a tinted moisturiser. As well moisturised skin in the mainstay of a perfect fake tan this provides the ideal base.


Nicole Richie - While I am usually a huge fan of Nicole's dewy skin and lined eyes I thought this look was all a bit too gothic, particularly when teamed with her dark hair, dark nails and dark dress. I think I would have prefered to see her go pretty rather than punky to contrast with the statement dress. I'm glad she decided to go for a bit of a tan though as she could have ended up looking too Morticia Adams for anyone's liking.
Jordan (aka Katie Price)- I think everyone will know exactly what I am going to say here. While I thought it was commendable for Katie to wear her hair in a chic chignon and she seems to be wearing minimal make up, none of this excuses that radioactive you've been tangoed tan. It genuinely looks the colour of Ron Seal wood paint. Jordan should take a some tips from her rumoured sworn enemy Victoria Beckham and scrub off the tan if she wants to be taken seriously.

What do you think? Who do you think shone at the Oscars?

Amie x

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  1. Great post, I love the celebs you choose! Poor old Jordan - she'll never get it 100% right will she!?