Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Change is in the air....

Hello all,

My make up bag is looking a little bare at the moment. I am almost out of my favourite Ruby and Millie blusher (that they don't sell separately - it came in a gorgeous one-off gift set) and I am also nearly out of foundation.

I have been using the No 7 mousse foundation for a while but I have started to feel that it makes my skin look a bit dry and dull. I think with the weather changing I need something more moisturising for a dewy, fresh faced look.

I think a trip to a department store is in order.

I find them really hit and miss though. Sometimes they are falling over themselves to help you and relieve you of your hard earned cash other times they pretend you can't see you and make you feel as though you are inconveniencing them by being near their counter.

I am going to go on the mission this evening and will let you know what is in my haul tomorrow.

Wish me luck.....

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